Audio-Technica Launches ATH-ANC40BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The headphones feature the company's QuietPoint technology which is said to cancel 90 per cent of the background noise.


Audio-Technica has recently launched a new wireless in-ear headphones dubbed, the ATH-ANC40BT in India at a price tag of INR 14,990.

Combined with the company's proprietary active noise-cancelling technology with Bluetooth, the new in-ear headphones are being touted to give you the best listening experience even in areas of high ambient noise.

The wireless headphones reduce that distracting background noise by up to 90%, thanks to QuietPoint technology, while the 13.5 mm drivers deliver superior sound reproduction.

The Bluetooth functionality, coupled with an in-line mic and controls, lets you operate hands-free, wirelessly answering/ending calls, controlling music playback and adjusting volume on Bluetooth enabled devices.

The headphones pair with up to eight Bluetooth enabled devices, and can be connected with two of those devices simultaneously, allowing you to shift seamlessly between your phone and tablet, phone and laptop or any other pair of Bluetooth enabled devices.

Speaking about the battery life, on a full charge, the ATH-ANC40BT stays up for around 8 hours (Bluetooth wireless and noise-cancelling), 13 hours (Bluetooth wireless only), 24 hours (noise-cancelling only), or 100 hours (standby).

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