The DataWind PocketSurfer GZ brings free browsing for a year

With a Rs 1,499 price tag, the Intex PocketSurfer GZ runs on an unique Linux based operating system (OS).


DataWind has pioneered the cause of low cost handsets in the country, has launched its latest handset, with the PocketSurfer GZ. And from what it mentioned to the media, it aims to democratize technology by connecting almost all categories of users, which is what perhaps dictates the Rs 1,499 price tag the handset comes with. With internet also being a must have, DataWind has also bundled an internet pack which allows customers to surf the net for free, unto a year after purchase of the handset.

Suneet Singh Tuli, the CEO of DataWind mentioned the motivation behind the launch, saying “We are focused on driving the cost downward to a level where access to technology becomes universally affordable and democratization of technology finds its true meaning. Therefore, this new launch of smartphone at just Rs 1499 is a step in that direction. This will certainly enhance the connectivity in the developing nations.” With the Pocketsurfer having some distinct features like it's rear camera, and Linux based OS, Tulli explained, “Hands-free communication has become extremely important and we feel strongly that this technology should reach every corner of the world. DataWind aims to breaks the affordability barriers and bandwidth constraints of networks touching the mass of India at a whole new level.”

The latest PocketSurfer is not the only handset that the company has bought out with free internet capabilities. PocketSurfer 2G4X, PocketSurfer 3G4X, PocketSurfer 3G 5 and PocketSurfer 3G4Z, were some of the other they had launched previously, in the price range of Rs 2499 to 5,999, which are still listed on the company's website. The company is also known for low-cast tablets, where it remains a market leader in tablets in India, according to IDC. Datawind had a 27.6% share, as the shipments of the products grew at a strong 33.5% over previous quarter, during the first quarter of 2016. The overall tablet market though continues to remain flat within the country.

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