World's First Pokémon Go Master Completes Global Quest In Australia

Nick Johnson catches final region specific Pokémon Kangaskhan in Sydney.


Pokémon Go master Nick Johnson, the first person to catch all Pokémon available in the US, has completed his global quest to "catch 'em all" after visiting Paris, Hong Kong and Sydney. Fans in China, India and South Korea must be envious about the man who travelled across the globe to "catch 'em all", as the fans are still waiting for the game to be officially  launched in their countries.

Sponsored by Expedia, Nick is the first person to travel around the world and successfully capture all regional-exclusive Pokémon, including Mr. Mime in Paris, Farfetch'd in Hong Kong and, lastly, Kangaskhan in Sydney. Of the 151 Pokémon in the game, Johnson caught all 142 characters available in the US within the first two weeks of the game's release. His international efforts bring Johnson's total Pokémon tally to 145. The remaining six are yet to be released. Johnson has caught a total of 5,000 Pokémon so far. The Expedia Bear is traveling with him on his journey. Johnson and the Expedia Bear have traveled to Tokyo to continue the adventure.

"We're delighted to have been able to help Nick live out his Pokémon dream and travel far and wide to literally 'catch 'em all'. Nick's journey is an exciting example of how Pokémon Go is turning gamers into travellers, redefining tourist attractions and bringing together a whole community," said Georg Ruebensal, Managing Director of Expedia Brand for Australia and New Zealand.

"The game is also encouraging people to become tourists in their own cities by getting players outside and exploring local landmarks they may have not seen before. Pokémon Go is now another way to travel, meet new people and explore the world."

Nick Johnson  shot to fame after catching all 142 characters available in the US within the first two weeks of the game's release and here’ some other feats unique to the first Pokémon Go Master.

Nick Johnson was busy catching Pokémon in Central Park, New York, the same time as Justin Bieber and reportedly lost 8-10 pounds (3-4 kilograms) in two weeks from all the walking. He was able to catch Pokémon underneath the Eiffel Tower (which is a big Pokémon hotspot) and also played the game in front of the Sydney Opera House. During his globe trotting quest Nick Johnson is said to have stayed awake all the while in Hong Kong  in order to catch Farfetch'd

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