ZTE To Unveil Crowdsourced Smartphone At CES Next Year

Ideas suggested by users should be realistic in nature, and should make the smartphone affordable, says ZTE.


Who doesn't know about 'Project CSX', an initiative by ZTE where the company actually crowdsources ideas and suggestions for a new mobile device.

However, taking this initiative a step ahead, the company has now launched a new website to collect ideas from different users. The company has also announced that the crowdsourced smartphone would be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, next year.

Speaking about crowdsourcing ideas, it definitely is not an easy task for the company, as we all know that, the crowd can sometimes come up with some of the most wackiest suggestions which may be practically impossible (at least, at the moment).

One user believes the phone should include a "desktop mode" that turns it into a rudimentary PC, while another says ZTE should build a phone dedicated entirely to Pokemon Go, reports BBC in a recently published post on its website.

However, ZTE has put in a couple of rules so that it can restrict users from coming up with vague and impractical ideas.

According to The Verge, Lixin Cheng, CEO of ZTE USA has said, "The company would be crowdsourcing something entirely new, from start to finish, but that doesn’t mean, of course, that it won’t pick and choose that suggestions that best suit its current plans."

Having said that, the company seems to be actually looking to come up with a product that is basically a smartphone, which should be technically possible by 2017, satisfy the needs of most of its users, and also be affordable to the common man.

So, you can now head to the Z Community by ZTE and submit your practical ideas, and you may stand a chance to win small cash prices too.

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