Pokemon Go Gets New Tools

While they are not officially launched, they do tend to give Niantic a fair view of how they can upgrade the game in future!


Popular location-based augmented reality game Pokemon GO seems to have got a new tool enabling all Pokemon fans an easy way to find where exactly gyms, pokestops, and pokemons are, through out the world.

The new tool is claimed to have been developed by Ahmed Almutawa, who according to a post on Reddit, took out raw data from the game and integrated it with Google Maps. However, a recently published report in The Times Of India states that the tool may not be for everyone, as opening a command line is something that is not easily possible. So, this would be more likely successful for experienced folks and not for the ordinary gamer!

Ahmed was able to plot data onto a map in just a few hours of playing across, reports The Verge. According to the same report, the developer also posted the project on GitHub and Reddit... and over 46 contributors seem to have joined his league.

Image via Digital Trends

However, Ahmed has warned that the official game developers Niantic might block the tool in future, since it is a hack. What ever the result may be, this definitely gives Niantic a fair idea of what upgrades or new features gamers are looking for.

As we told earlier, this tool works only after a bit of coding.. and if you are beginner, take this -- an app called Pokemap is available for download on Goolge Play Store. Even though the game is officially not available in India yet, the Pokemap is! But be warned... we are still not sure how accurate Pokemap is. We have been testing different pokemaps lately! (Yup. There are lots of them on Google Play Store.)

That's not it. Pokemon GO also has another tool called 'GO Messenger' which allows gamers to chat over other gamers and discuss over the app which comes as a floating widget! Now, that's another feature which would definitely be loved when Niantic rolls out officially!

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