5 Educational Windows Phone Apps For Kids

Time to put your WP handset to good use.

5 Educational Windows Phone Apps For Kids

Windows Phone is fast gaining acceptance and it has a feature known as Kids Corner that lets you share it with your kids. In this mode, you can share only those features and apps that you deem friendly for kids. The Windows Phone Store has a lot of educational apps and games for pre-schooler kids. We have sampled few such free apps that you may find interesting.


While there is Animal Planet on TV, you can also introduce your kids to the animal kingdom using AnimalEncyclopedia. This app features animals from all around the world with information about different species along with their photos. The data has been nicely arranged in categories such as Mammals, Aves, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Insects to cover almost every animal you must have heard about. Details about the animals such as their common name, scientific name, diet, size, weight, life span, and what group they belong to is mentioned. This is an informative treasure trove that will certainly and effectively impart a lot of information about the animal kingdom to your kids at his leisure, possibly even better than TV.

5 Educational Windows Phone Apps For Kids

Brain Tap

Maths is boring, isn't it? However, Brain Tap makes it easier by helping them learn the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and random numbers through this fun game. Featuring an easy to use UI with bright colours, this visually attractive game challenges your kid to hone mathematical skills by posing a question and providing multiple answer choices to select from. A timer on the top right pushes one to get maximum right answers in the least amount of time. With three different levels to choose from, this game will surely get them glued for a good cause.

5 Educational Windows Phone Apps For Kids

Learn Body Parts

Do you feel awkward teaching your kids about body parts? Well, you shouldn't. But if you still do, then the Learn Body Parts apps will help you out. The app provides information about various body parts and informative facts about them with the photo alongside. To make things fun, there is a game that challenges them to correctly identify body parts and score points. A classic game of connect the dots is also included to teach about body parts. Additionally, it also teaches kids how to recognise and pronounce numbers and alphabets.

5 Educational Windows Phone Apps For Kids


We all have used flashcards at one point or another. Flashcards are probably the best tools to exercise your memory and strengthen mental processes. The Flashcards app attempts to do just that by providing a series of flashcards on the Windows Phone screen and posing challenges to correctly identify what is on the reverse of the card by looking at the clue on the visible side. The app includes six decks about different topics: Cell Biology, French Vocabulary, Spanish Vocabulary, Sports Trivia, State Capitols, and Trigonometric Identities. You can also create your own custom decks according to the topic of your interest. There is a Quiz mode where you can test yourself and score, while the Review mode will let you peek what's behind the card without incurring any penalty. If played long enough, this app will certainly help your kids think faster and remember better. This app would be better suited for those in primary school than pre-schoolers unless you are dealing with a child prodigy.

5 Educational Windows Phone Apps For Kids

Fling Theory

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, now with Fling Theory. This interesting game with cool graphics and sound teaches the laws of physics and magnetism in a very easy and visual manner, which will surely keep kids interested. The puzzle game makes you use atoms that can be charged or discharged and used to destroy obstacles (which can also be other atoms) to move to the next stages. The whole game seems to be set in a particle accelerator with the physicist peeking inside periodically to make sure that things are going as they should. This is one game that will get your kid hooked on to and will also hone his skills in physics.

5 Educational Windows Phone Apps For Kids

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