iPad Mini 4 Case Leaked; Looks Similar To The iPad Air 2

The leaked photos and video shows the single-line speaker grill at the bottom with mute switch having been disappeared.


While we have been hearing a lot about the iPad Pro, nothing much seems to have surfaced about the iPad mini 4.

Surprisingly, it looks like some photographs have been leaked according to PocketNow which suspects it to be silicon case of the iPad mini 4.

It looks a lot more like the iPad Air 2 with mute switch having been disappeared likely to favour another microphone.

Just like the iPad Air 2, the iPad mini 4 too seems to come with a single-line speaker grill at the bottom.

While this is not an official announcement, it is worth keeping in mind that Apple does a lot of prototypes before the launch of a product. Thus, this may or may not be the end product which gets actually launched by the company.

However, it looks like the photos were first leaked via a tweet by a Twitter user who claims them to be iPad mini 4.

Supporting this, a YouTube video is also being surfaced on the net which claims the housing being shown as the one that belongs to the much rumoured iPad mini 4.

Having said these, the Apple iPad mimi 4 may come during the fall with an updated and thinner design along with a single row of speaker grill openings and a lot of improvements under the hood. We also expect it to run the newest iOS 9 with its heavier emphasis on multitasking, especially on tablets.

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