XOLO To Deliver KitKat Updates For Recently Announced Handsets

Clearly it is the only local brand to deliver firmware updates for devices on a timely basis.


XOLO has finally announced that it will be delivering Android KitKat to a few more handsets in its long line up. The handsets that will be getting the Android KitKat 4.4 update this time around include the Q1200, Q900s, A500 Club, A600 and A550s IPS.

This is not the first time that the Indian smartphone maker has promised to deliver firmware updates for its handsets. XOLO had earlier delivered KitKat updates for the Q1000 Opus back in May along with Q1010 and Q1010i in July.

While the company has not mentioned when the expected updates would arrive, considering its past record, we at least know that they will at some point in time. The update will bring all the goodness of Android KitKat with some XOLO customizations including restyled status and navigation bars, coloured emoji, cloud print support and a refreshed camera UI.

XOLO apparently has a dedicated engineering team in place and is continuously working to deliver updates to handsets at different price points. For a company that announces so many handsets in a year, it is indeed a big job to undertake and deliver.

The company had recently announced its all new HIVE UI for the new octa-core Play handset tagged the 8X-1000. Indeed the company’s focus is on improving its software and delivering a unique experience to users.

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