Samsung Denies The Existence Of A Beefed-Up GALAXY S5

Asks consumers to keep an eye out for the Note 4 instead.


Last week, reported that Samsung may build a premium version of the S5 with some blown up specs and a metal body. Since most tech enthusiasts were disappointed with Samsung's done-to-death design, the speculations about a better looking S5 spread like wildfire. Rumours suggested that the new phone will come with a metal body and a pixel-packed 4K display. Well, if you were saving money for this handset, I think you should splurge that cash somewhere else. The metal-clad GALAXY phone has turned out be a mythical creature, as Samsung has denied any plans of launching a beefed-up version of the S5.

According to a Korean website, Samsung's CEO J.K. Shin has made it clear that there's no such thing as more premium version of the GALAXY S5. However, he assured that the new GALAXY Note smartphone will be released later this year.

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