Fetise.com Introduces "Cash Before Delivery"

The innovative new payment option aims to help better ecommerce sales.


Ecommerce is gaining prominence in the country, with stores selling possibly everything online. They also offer several payment options to make it comfortable for people to buy. However, it seems like buyers have been badly abusing the Cash On Delivery system; they place orders and then refuse to purchase items when delivered.

Abhishek Shah, CEO of the ecommerce website Fetise.com says, "The Cash on Delivery model is convenient for the customers however it is not really helping the e-commerce companies as some of the customers place an order online simply to test if the COD model really works and return the goods at the last minute. This behaviour is also giving a headache to the e-commerce companies as return orders convert into absolute inventory if not sold quickly". To fix the issue, a press release states that the company has teamed up with Gharpay, a doorstep cash payment network company to bring out a "Cash Before Delivery" model. Though this option customers can make advance payments for the goods bought online.

The innovative new model is also aimed at helping users who want to use ecommerce but don't have access to credit or debit cards.  For now, this service will be rolled out for only 14 cities and will go pan India in another three months time. Do you think this initiative will make online purchases easier?

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