Windows Phone Will Beat iOS By 2015: Report

However, Android will continue its reign of supremacy.


Microsoft's new kid on the block, Windows Phone, seems to be all set to overtake Apple's iOS by 2015. The findings of a report by think-tank IHS shows that Google's Android will stay safely perched at the top with a large margin. The surge in the popularity of the newer mobile OS could possibly be due to the unprecedented success of the Nokia Lumia 800. This new breed of smartphones highlights all the strengths of the WP OS. Incidentally, this could mean a bright future for the Finnish mobile brand, which is currently in troubled waters.

According to estimates, WP had a 2% market share of all smartphones shipped in 2011. This is expected to increase to 17% within the next three years, allowing Microsoft's mobile OS to edge past Apple and secure second place. The tremendous lead acquired by Google's Android OS means that it does not face any immediate danger from any of its competitors. The reason is clearly the extremely wide adoption of this platform across different vendors.

In days to come, things can only get better for Microsoft as it partners with other manufacturers to bring out more WP devices. Check out the graph below for the projected numbers:


Windows Phone Will Beat iOS By 2015: Report


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