Next-Gen Aakash Likely To Provide Calling Functionality Along With 4G

Aakash 4 is also rumoured to offer Ubuntu support along with Android.


The Indian government's much-hyped "affordable technology" offering, the Aakash tablet's fourth iteration, is all set to be launched, with better technical specifications. The new Aakash version, may provide calling functionality (SIM slot), along with 4G connectivity to its users.

According to a report published in The Hindu Business Line, Aakash 4 will cost lesser than its predecessor, the Aakash 3 (its commercial version being the Ubislate 7C+ EDGE with a Rs 5000 price tag). The report also states that the latest Aakash will be a revamped version of Aakash 2 (priced at around Rs 2500), and the price of Aakash 4 is likely to be lesser than that that of the Aakash 2. As of now, Aakash 4 is expected to cost less than Rs 2,000 in India, and will be sold directly to the students by the India Government.

The Aakash tablet is infamous for repeatedly missing delivery deadlines, and people who pre-booked the device still awaiting. However, Aakash does manage to grab eyeballs whenever new iterations are announced. Now, rumour mills suggest that the slate will run Ubuntu alongside Android, and will have a 7" display along with Wi-Fi connectivity.

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