BenQ Introduces BL2411PT Monitor For Rs 25,000

24" display promises more comfortable "flicker free" viewing, but misses out on HDMI port.


BenQ has launched its BL2411PT, a 24-inch monitor offering 1920x1200 pixel dimensions and an LED backlight IPS panel. It claims to be able to show 100% sRGB colour reproduction for authentic colour shades that closely resemble the original source. The Anti-Glare screen should be easier to read even with light source behind the user. It features a thin bezel that facilitates it to be used in a multiple display setup and should also add to its visual appeal. The IPS panel claims to provide wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees in any direction.

The BT2411PT features DVI, D-sub, and DisplayPort inputs, but misses out on the popular HDMI interface to connect common HD sources such as a PC, media player, Blu-ray drive, or a gaming console. There are in-built speakers if you don't want to connect external speakers via the in-built 3.5 mm stereo jack. The response time of 5 ms (GTG) ensures that you will not be plagued by ghosting issues while viewing fast action movies or games. BenQ claims that the monitor consumes 23 Watts in the normal mode, which is a bit on the higher side but alright for a 24" monitor with IPS panel.

The monitor features several ergonomic features that set it apart from the rest. Senseye Reading Mode adjusts the colour temperature and brightness to recreate a printed paper-like feel while reading text from the screen. Eye Protect Sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness to optimum viewing levels depending on the surrounding lighting level. Eco Sensor senses the presence (or absence) of the user and switches to Eco Mode when the user moves away, to save electricity. Lastly, it features height adjustment and tilt adjustment to suit the user's comfort level. The monitor can also pivot to a vertical position if required.

Benq stand in various positions

This monitor claims the USP of being flicker-free. In case you are wondering, a normal LCD monitor (even with LED backlighting) is not flicker-free because it uses pulse-width modulation (PWM) to control the brightness. The flicker may not be visible at high brightness levels, but it becomes very evident and tiring to the eyes when you reduce the brightness. This is because the period for which the backlight is active in a PWM duty cycle gets shortened. Unlike a normal monitor, this one features a continuous backlighting not based on PWM so it doesn't flicker. The result is that it does not cause fatigue to eyes even when viewed for a long duration. The BenQ BL2411PT is priced at Rs 25,000, which may be a little too much to pay for a 24" monitor even if you consider the ergonomics and flicker-free feature. The BenQ GW2760HS with similar features but a larger 27" screen and HDMI, priced at Rs 20,000 seems to be a better option.

On the other hand, if screen size, image quality, and luxurious extras such as USB ports built into the monitor is more your kind of thing, you could consider similarly priced 24" monitors such as an Asus ProArt or a Dell UltraSharp.

BenQ Introduces BL2411PT Flicker-Free Monitor For Rs 25,000

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