Pico Power Emergency Phone Charger Launched By Portronics

Priced at Rs 800, it can give a last-minute energy boost to your mobile phone.


You are waiting for that all important phone call or, need to make one, and your phone starts blinking the "Battery Low" sign''; there''s no charger or plug point in sight. Sounds familiar? The biggest bane of today''s high compute power and large display smartphones is battery life. The solution, when presented, seems rather obvious: carry an external battery that can charge your phone. Such ''chargers'' have been available for a while now, mostly from no-name brands. Recently, the more recogonised companies started bringing out these emergency chargers. The latest is one from Portronics, the product is called Pico Power. It comes with a micro-USB tip that any can power up any mobile phone with a micro-USB charging port.

Packed with an inbuilt 900 mAh lithium-polymer battery, Portronics claims that the Pico Power can hold a charge for more than 15 months when unused.  It can power your device for up to 3 hours (this number is dependent on various factors). It is compact and lightweight, and hence extremely portable.

Here are the key features of the Portronics Pico Power:

  • Built-in 900 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Provides up to 3 hours of talk time.
  • LED power indicator.
  • micro-USB tip for use with all micro-USB charging compatible phones.

The Pico Power is priced at Rs 800 and the package ships a 900 mAh power pack, micro USB cable, and a user manual.

TechTree reviewed two similar products earlier, one was from CoolerMaster, the Power Fort 5600 mAh and the other from Portronics, the PowerPack 4000. Both the products are much more expensive, and hold a larger charge.

Pico Power Emergency Phone Charger Launched By Portronics



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