Google Shows Off New Year Resolutions From Around The World

Powered by Google Translate, lets users from around the globe put up their goals for the year.


Google's Zeitgeist list comes out every year, giving us a glimpse of the world through the lens of a search engine that fuels every netizen's curiosity. And along with ringing out the old and reliving the best times of the year with an amazing video, this year the search giant has tried something different. Just as we step into the 2013, keeping up with the age-old tradition of making resolutions for the New Year, Google has launched a "global resolutions page" for people to join the party.

Divided by categories (Love, Health, Career, Finance, Family, Education, Do Good, and Other), this service is powered by Google Translate (not Google Maps mind you) to help you make come up with resolution based inspired by others: Language barrier notwithstanding. Some people want to get fit, some want to save/earn more money (some also want to earn more work less!). There are some corny ones (get a girlfriend types), and some whacky ones (grow a moustache, get engaged) doing the rounds. 

All you need to do is add your resolution, your location's pin code, and country. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the data to appear online, so be patient.


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