Govt Confirms That The Naval Computer Network Was Hacked In November

However, it claims that not a single computer was compromised during the attack.


The government has confirmed the reports in the Rajya Sabha regarding a naval computer network hack, which happened in November, 2011. However, it was quick to add that not a single computer system was compromised during the attack.

The hackers had targeted the Eastern Naval Command's HQ, which is based in Visakhapatnam. Defence Minister, A K Antony (better known for the 1000 crore defence land and Tatra truck scams), wants us to believe that in the last three years, there has been only one instance of computer hacking related to the defence sector. He further adds, "There were intelligence reports in November 2011 about the probable compromise of computers of Eastern Naval Command based in Visakhapatnam. However, none of these computers was found to be compromised. The defence services have a robust defensive mechanism in place".

Looking at the current state of political affairs in our country, it's hard to believe any minister's claim, especially when he is neck-deep in so many defence-related scandals. However, all we can hope for is that security wasn't really breached, and that necessary precautions will be taken to stop such attacks in the future.

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