Scientists Turn Skin Into A TouchPad

Could revolutionise the way we interact with wearables.


From buttons to a touchscreen, user interaction has come a long way. And it seems the input method is soon going to take a major leap. The scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have figured out a way to turn your skin into a sort of a touchpad. The technology is likely to change the way we interact with wearables. Especially, it will finally make the gaming possible on smartwatches.

SkinTrack system comprises of a signal-emitting ring and a sensing band. The ring sends electrical signals through the skin, which are then detected by electrodes in the sensor band. There's an impressive video that demonstrates the new technology. You can see a researcher flinging Angry Birds on mean pigs.

In the current state, the researchers claim that the system can read movements with 99 percent accuracy. The average error is said to be of 7.6 millimeters. With refinements, you can expect the technology to shrink down enough to be fitted inside a smartwatch.

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