Israeli Scientists Develop A Breathalyser That Can Detect 17 Diseases

Painful diagnostic tests could soon be a history.


Israel is hard to beat when it comes to innovations. A team of scientists at the Israel Institute of Technology, led by Hossam Haick, have built a breathalyser that that can diagnose up to 17 diseases including certain type of cancer.

For over a couple of thousand years, physicians evaluated their patient's condition based on breath. Instead of physician's expertise though, the newly developed system uses complex AI (Artificial Intelligence) to search for patterns that hint at a certain disease. The breathalyser has an array of sensitive gold nanoparticles, which react differently with nearly 100 volatile compounds each person breaths out. Scientists have run this test twice on more than 1400 patients.

The experiments show that the device can achieve 86 percent accuracy. For the breathalyser to be deployed at the clinics, it needs to reach the 99 percent accuracy. Let's hope that happens soon, so that people will no longer have to go through painful diagnostics tests that involve blood samples.

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