Tech Round-Up: Week 1, June 2014

Catch-up with this week's big stories from TechTree.

Tech Round-Up: Week 1, June 2014

This week's highlight was Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) 2014. In the event, the Cupertino-based company showcased the upcoming version of its smartphone platform iOS. Apple also talked about the future of desktop operating system by announcing Mac OS X Yosenmite (the name is inspired by an American National Park). From the Android camp, Sony unveiled the world's slimmest 5.3-inch smartphone Xperia T3. For Microsoft, the most interesting hardware didn't come from Nokia, but an unknown Chinese brand, which is planning sell a 8-inch Windows tablet as cheap as $100.

Apple Unveils iOS 8
In Monday's keynote, Apple demonstrated the latest iOS 8. The company's mobile platform, which powers the iPhones, continues with its flat design language. To explore the new features, release dates, and a complete list of compatible devices, visit this link.

Mac OS X 'Yosenmite' Goes Official
Along with the smartphone platform, the tech-giant Apple also announced the latest version of Mac OS X. Called 'Yosenmite', it keeps up Apple's theme of naming OS versions after Californian landmarks. Click here, to find out what's new in Apple's desktop OS.

Samsung Launches A 7-Inch Smartphone In Korea
Apple's biggest rival, Samsung launched its biggest ever smartphone till date (quite literally). The 7-inch GALAXY W is not a tablet with calling feature but an overgrown GALAXY smartphone. If you like huge handsets, head over to this article.

Sony Announces Anorexic Xperia T3 Smartphone
Thin handsets leave a lot to be desired when it comes to ergonomics. However, Sony seems to disagree. The Japanese company has unveiled a 5.3-inch smartphone, which is only 7 mm  thick. With Samsung announcing a 7-incher, you can't really complain about Sony's 5.3" smartphone.

Single-SIM Variant Of The Lumia 630 Lands In India
A month after launching the Nokia Dual-SIM Lumia 630, Microsoft has introduced the single-SIM variant to the Indian market. Apart from doing away with one SIM slot, Nokia hasn't made any changes to the handset. If you're planning to buy one, don't forget to read our review.

Emdoor Showcases A $100 Windows Tablet
A Chinese company called Emdoor has turned a $100 (Rs 6000) Windows tablet into a reality. Named as EM-i8080, the slate packs in an IPS screen, and Intel's Bay Trail Atom processor. To learn more about this interesting piece of hardware, visit this link.

In this week, we also reviewed two of the most popular snartphones in India. As usual, there were a few in-depth articles too.

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