TechTree Blog: Watch Your Facebook Data Come Alive!

New "app" brings up graphs, insights, and visual stats.

TechTree Blog: Watch Your Facebook Data Come Alive!

You’re going to love this app – at least the first time you look at it. It’s not an app per se: Wolfram Alpha, known for its data analytics, now gives you a graphic view of various aspects of your Facebook life. To try it, just enter “Facebook report” at, log in to Facebook, and keep clicking “Allow.” What results is a control freak’s delight. Here's a screenshot...

Wolfram Alpha Facebook Analytics

This is a trimmed version of the full page I got.

WA is a really interesting place, and less well-known than it should be. For anything data-related — mathematical, real-world, or otherwise — just type in your query and watch the engine do its magic! We’re hoping the Facebook analytics will get WA some much-deserved PR.

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