Virus Alert! Godless Is Out There Rooting Your Device

Marshmallow is your protective shield to keep the deadly virus away!

Virus Alert! Godless Is Out There Rooting Your Device

Type in 'Godless' in Google Search and what you get is nothing but the Android virus that's making a hell lot of noise lately. Reports have been stating that the new virus is capable of rooting almost 90 per cent of Android devices, and almost 50 per cent of the affected devices are in India.

Before we actually dive into more info, let's understand what is 'Godless'. It is a malware with capabilities of rooting your device without your knowledge. The actual scenario is somewhat similar to what dictionaries define the term as; 'without a God' and 'profane; wicked'.

Trend Micro recently sent out a release stating that the malware has already affected over 8,50,000 Android devices worldwide. However, the latest rounds of information being rolled out clearly say that, the 'Godless' virus is only capable of exploiting a smartphone running on Android 5.1 Lollipop or earlier. This means that, if you own a Marshmallow device, you are most likely to survive the unauthentic rooting rampage.

What's more interesting about this virus is.. it actually waits until your device's screen is turned off. Then, it roots your device and drops off some unwanted apps that look more like system apps, making it very hard to remove.

As they say, prevention is always better than cure. This holds good with your mobile health too nowadays. We recommend you to always check out user reviews and keep an eye on developers as the virus has infected apps ranging from unknown utility tools to popular games.

After reading all this, I am damn sure, you would want to understand how to know that your phone is a Godless victim and if so, how to remove the malicious virus!

Here's how you can remove the roots of the rooting virus:

Easy method: Factory reset your device and you are good to go! But, this will obviously remove all your data. If you have anything important, we recommend you to follow this method given below.

Enter safe mode in your smartphone. For most of the devices, you will have to press the power button, and in the menu options, press and hold on 'Power Off'. Then tap on 'OK' to restart in safe mode. If this doesn't work on your smartphone, you will have to search for that in the company website.

Once the phone restarts in safe mode, you will have to open 'Settings' menu, choose 'Apps', and see if some unusual app has been installed over there. You should be able to uninstall it. However, if in case you cannot, then the worst case is that, your device is already infected and you have lost the admin access.

So now, you will have to go to Security, Device Administrators, in the Settings menu. Uncheck the administrator status box for the app you want to remove. Tap 'Deactivate' on the next screen.

Now, follow the previous step and you will be able to easily uninstall the virus infected app from your device.

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