Bot Revolution Arrives in India With GupShup |

Bot Revolution Arrives in India With GupShup

The launch of bot building platform to assist in easiest and fastest way for developers to build bots and messaging services.


GupShup, the world’s leading messaging platform used by developers in more than 30,000 businesses, has launched its new bot builder platform,, poised to lead a new wave of bot revolution in India. The platform consists of omni-channel messaging APIs and bot builder tools. The omni-channel APIs enable connectivity to almost every messaging channel including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Teamchat etc, with more to be added soon. The bot builder tools support the entire bot lifecycle including development, testing, deployment, hosting, publishing, monitoring, tracking, search and discovery of bots.

With messaging apps of late opening up APIs for businesses to build bots, GupShup intends to bring a once-in-a-decade paradigm shift in the tech industry. After desktop and clients in the mid-80s, browsers and websites in the mid-90s, and mobile OS and apps in the mid-00s, messaging platforms and bots are emerging as the next wave of tech revolution. Bots will enable shopping, ordering food, banking, trading and most other activities through your favorite messaging app.

“Bots are the new apps. Bots will transform virtually every aspect of our lives, making it simpler and easier to engage with businesses and brands just by chatting with them”, said Beerud Sheth, founder and CEO of GupShup. He added, “Every business and brand will have to develop a bot strategy quickly. offers the most advanced tools globally for developers preparing to meet the explosive demand for messaging bots and services.”

GupShup used its extensive experience with the bot building process to automate common tasks performed by every bot developer. The GupShup platform enables a developer to build, test and deploy a bot across multiple channels in minutes. The bot is automatically hosted with a one-click deploy process. Post-launch monitoring and tracking of bots has also been automated. An omni-channel bot store enables the search and discovery of bots, helping developers to promote their bots. Instead of using a patchwork of tools, the GupShup platform offers an end-to-end integrated platform for developers that frees them up to focus on their specific workflows.

GupShup continues to operate its smart-messaging app Teamchat, which pioneered the concept of smart messages with structured fields within chat messages. Teamchat was the earliest and most bot-friendly messaging app, currently being used by over 2,000 businesses, including companies like HDFC, ICICI, Biostadt, Meru Cabs, PNB Metlife and others. Bots built on Teamchat continue to support enterprise use-cases such as CRM, HR and ERP.

GupShup is founded by Mr. Beerud Sheth, a serial entrepreneur, who previously founded Elance, GupShup is funded by investors such as Charles River Ventures, Helion VenturePartners and Globespan Capital Partners.

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