Backyard Gizmos - Akshay Bhagwat

Watch how a Pune-based chef has made his own speakers and amp.

As a kid, I was both fascinated and inspired by a short-lived TV series called The Pretender. Although you cannot go from playing a brain surgeon to a bomb disposal expert like Jarod from the show, most things can still be learned with a bit of diligence and some spare time. While the rest of us are busy bitching about broken gadgets, there are Pretenders among us who roll up their sleeves and get cracking on the problem at hand.

Backyard Gizmos is an endeavour to introduce such people and their creations in the hope of inspiring a generation jaded with a lack of imagination and creativity. This want of DIY (Do It Yourself) temper can be blamed on the easy availability of cheap labour and a class-based belief system that restricts spanners and wrenches solely in the hands of the working class. What better way to reverse this brain drain than with some inspiration from Akshay Bhagwat's homemade speakers and amplifier.

Bhagwat takes his DIY very seriously. Here's a man who took a month off to work in a garage, just because he didn't want to get ripped off by auto service centres. Now that he's done with the music system, he's off to make a windmill. No, Akshay isn't an engineer or mechanic, but a chef by profession. However, as darkness falls, off comes the apron to reveal the DIY junkie beneath.



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