Micromax Takes A Dig At Samsung Through Ad

Company ridicules the GALAXY Y with its "superior" Ninja3.5 and Ninja4.

Micromax has posted a new advertisement mocking Samsung's GALAXY Y with its own Ninja3.5 (which apparently seems to be the Ninja3 A57)and Ninja4 A87 smartphones. The advertisement parodies the GALAXY Y ad where a young girl shows off her gadget and pokes fun at an inquiring man in a car, asking him, "Kyun, aapke paas nahi hain, uncle?". The Micromax ad picks up from the point where the Samsung ad ends, although this time around, the girl's handset is the object of ridicule as two guys who seemingly had been watching the earlier conversation, figuratively take apart the device bit-by-bit,  ending the conversation asking "Why Y?". While luck hasn't been on the Korean giant's side with its loss against Apple, it goes without saying that the Indian mobile company is trying to bite off more than what it can chew.


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