Samsung Shows Off Upcoming Windows 8 Hybrid Laptop

Sporting an apparently detachable keyboard dock and stylus, the notebook is likely to debut at IFA 2012 on 31st August.

Samsung has put up a new video on its YouTube channel for notebooks that shows glimpses of a new laptop featuring the upcoming Windows 8 OS. The device in question appears to be either the latest entrant in the Series 9 line of notebooks, or possibly even a totally new series. It seems to come with a stylus, as can be seen 20 seconds into the clip. Moreover, the model has a thin profile keyboard and a wide-bezel display reminiscent of tablets, while the body features a brushed metal finish. These clues, along with the fact that the same Windows 8 OS can be used on tablets as well as laptops, lead to the probable conclusion that the gadget is a laptop-tablet hybrid with a detachable keyboard. The stylus will be used to operate the product when used as a tablet, and will most likely support handwriting input. This is further reinforced by visuals of small, shiny, black cubes assembling to create the laptop.

Going by the hints dropped at Samsung's Facebook page for laptops, the device will be displayed at the IFA 2012 event scheduled to start on 31st August. You can view the teaser video below. Incidentally, Lenovo had announced a similar device earlier this month, the ThinkPad Tablet 2. The primary difference in Lenovo's model is that it's a Windows 8 tablet that can be converted into a laptop via an optional keyboard accessory, whereas Samsung has decided to use the converse approach. With Microsoft's upcoming OS blurring the lines between notebooks and tablets, which of these devices would you rather go for — one that's primarily a laptop, or one that's primarily a tablet? Let us know in the comments.

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