BenQ Launches Two 3D Monitors

Boasts of superlative gaming performance with 120 Hz display.


BenQ has launched two new 3D monitors, the XL2420T and XL2420TX, for gamers and professionals. Featuring 24" Full HD panels, these new XL Series monitors have been co-developed by ZOWIE GEAR and support a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This makes it compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision technology.

Specs mention a 2 ms GTG response time, making it good for gaming, if it holds true. The 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio claims to ensure that it is capable of displaying the darkest part of images as well as the brightest.{C} The series includes the Black eQualizer, which claims to improve visibility in darkened areas, useful while playing games. There is the S Switch remote controller to switch between customized display settings quickly. It has two FPS Modes to suit different gaming scenarios.

While both models are compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision setup, the XL2420TX comes with a built-in 3D IR emitter and the NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit with two pairs of 3D glasses. The new XL Series monitors are available at a starting price of Rs 22,000, which is likely to be for the XL2420T, while you can expect the XL2420TX to cost more.

BenQ Launches Two 3D Monitors

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