Unhappy iPhone 6 Plus Customer Forced To Leave Apple Store

Things got bitter when the customer was blamed for “modifying” his iPhone.


Most of us who have not purchased the iPhone 6 Plus do have our reasons. While we are pretty sure that a lot of Android smartphone owners may have wanted to make the switch, the whole “Bendgate” controversy may have easily forced them to change their minds about the same. Well, in a recent incident that took place yesterday (which we are guessing is in the US), an iPhone owner was actually, forced to leave a store after the cops were called in.

The whole incident comes from one single comment that was found on a blog which has apparently opened up for users to report their bent iPhones. Called ‘One of the Nine’ (Apple claimed that only 9 customers had reported the case) the blog has seen a number of iPhone owners posting photographs of their warped iPhone 6 Plus units.

As the case goes the customer mailed Apple regarding the issue prior to appearing at the appointed time for what he thought would be a simple replacement. This however turned out to be pretty bad.

While the store Genius initially helped out the owner with a smile, it was pretty evident that Apple has some strict return policies in place which prevented the owner from getting his iPhone 6 Plus replaced. Things clearly went awry when the owner was given the following printed note by the store’s manager:

Dear Apple customer,

We are unable to provide service due to unauthorized modifications to your iPhone. Apple excludes coverage for unauthorized modifications under its limited warranty and AppleCare Protection Plan. Therefore your iPhone is ineligible for service.

Sincerely, Apple Inc.

What was surprising though, that an iPhone 5 owner right next him managed to get his bent phone replaced with no questions asked.

Post that things got a bit out of hand with the customer calling up the Police asking for help. But in a shocking turn of events, he got a call back, warning him to leave the store; beyond which it would be a punishable offence.

Indeed none of first batch of 55,000 iPhone owners in India have bent. Since no one is complained so far about any issues on social media so far. But we have heard about bent iPhone 6 Plus units personally, so it is pretty clear that Apple is hush hush about the issue.


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