Comedy Circus Comes To Tata DOCOMO CDMA

New service will help ease your stress through jokes from the show's acclaimed comedians.


Tata DOCOMO has launched the Comedy Circus service for its CDMA subscribers. Already available on the operator's GSM platform, the service is based on the popular TV series and provides jokes, quotes, and gags from stand-up comedians including Sunil Pal, Naveen Prabhakar, Kashif, and Umer Sheriff. On the occasion of the launch, COO of TTIL Mumbai Circle Anjan Patole said, "We are delighted to launch a very interesting value added service for our customers that adds a touch of humour, a service that is accessible while on the go. Stand-up comedians like Sunil Pal and Naveen Prabhakar are very well known and we are certain that the service like this would be much sought after in our VAS portfolio. It will definitely generate excitement amongst our customers and will increase the level of involvement with its regional content".

Subscribers can listen to funny gags and jokes on the interactive voice portal by dialling 52020. Once activated, they will be charged Rs 30 for 60 minutes over a period of 30 days. Comedy Circus is available in Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese, Haryanvi, Oriya and Bengali.

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