Steve Jobs Wins A Grammy From The Beyond

Conferred for his "contributions" to the music industry.


It's common knowledge that talent is strictly optional to win a Grammy Award. However, if you happen to be the ex-CEO of an influential multinational corporation, you don't have to be a musician either - or even walk the mortal realm for that matter. That's pretty much how Steve Jobs has clinched a Grammy this year. Although Apple had won a Technical Grammy back in 2002, this particular Trustees Award has been conferred solely to Jobs.

According to the official Grammy website, this award is given "to individuals who, during their careers in music, have made significant contributions to the field of recording". One might say that Jobs' award nomination glosses over the fact that he didn't really have a career in music, but neither did previous winners such as Thomas A. Edison or Walt Disney. However, they indirectly contributed to the music industry, much like Jobs did with the iTunes service.

In the wake of greedy music labels hogging almost all the earnings of recording musicians, Apple's digital music store was expected to protect their revenue and livelihoods. It took quite a while for everyone to figure out how the artistes are actually worse off with iTunes and its ilk. In addition to the record labels, which actually spend money to promote the bands, Apple has been pocketing 35% of album sales for little more than hosting music on its servers.

Since Jobs was unavailable, Apple's Eddy Cue (Senior VP of Internet Software and Services) accepted the award. If for nothing else, Jobs certainly deserves this Grammy for figuring out a way to make the most amount of money through music with the least amount of investment!

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