Angry Birds To Go Social

Immensely popular pig-bashing game to crash into Facebook.


Angry Birds needs no introduction, since millions across the globe are still addicted to it. The game's download counter has already crossed the 700 million mark, and has raked in tons of cash for Rovio. If that wasn't enough, the developer is now set to launch it on the world's biggest social network, Facebook. The move is expected to make this game accessible to around 800 million FB users.

To make its offering special, Rovio has promised better graphics and fullscreen support. Additionally, there will be quite a few gameplay twists in the form of power-ups. These will vary from an disastrous earthquake to a deadly bird. Although these perks can be earned by playing well, the developer will also sell each of them for around Rs 50.

The Finnish game maker is also planning to throw a launch party in Jakarta, which makes sense since Indonesia is one of the most FB-addicted nations in the world. Oddly enough, the event is scheduled on Valentine's Day. Now it's up to you to prioritize your interests.


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