Nokia Planning A Dual-SIM Windows Phone Handset Codenamed Moneypenny

We may see a Lumia 522 or Lumia 622 early next year.


While Nokia's Lumia 520 is doing great in India, it's still off the radar of many value buyers due to the lack of dual-SIM support. Yes, no matter how annoying it is to operate a dual-SIM handset, for us Indians, it is always "more the merrier". Cluttered WP interface is the last thing Microsoft wants, however, the software giant now has no option but to offer what people are looking for.

Nokia has expertise in dual-SIM hardware, but it was held back only because of Windows Phone software. Now if @evleaks is to be believed, the Finns are planning to unveil a dual-SIM handset codenamed "Moneypenny" built on the upcoming iteration of Windows Phone platform "Blue" (a.k.a. 8.1).

There's no word on when the device will go official, but we expect this to happen next year somewhere around February 2014. There's a high chance that this upcoming phone will fall under Lumia 5xx or 6xx series. With Lumia 525 and 625 already in existence, we expect the phone to be called something like Lumia 522 or maybe Lumia 622.


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