CES 2012: LG Will Unveil 3D Sound Home Theatre System

9.1 channel system claims to make the 3D experience more immersive.


Looking to expand its presence in the home entertainment market, LG plans to unveil a new 9.1 channel home theatre system at the 2012 CES. The Korean manufacturer has plans to launch four 3D-enabled home theatre systems in the next couple of months. The BH9420PW will be the first, which will be showcased at CES. An interesting feature is the 3D Sound Zooming technology, which synchronises pictures with the sound on a 3D TV, putting the viewer right in the centre of the action. The technology works on a complex algorithm that generates sound based on the varying depth of images on screen.

The 9.1 channel sound system sports four upward-facing speakers that fill the vertical space, while a reflector in the four upright speakers creates a concert hall ambience in the room. The other six speakers extend the "sweet spot" to offer a 360-degree sound experience. The home theatre system comes with an integrated Smart TV function that enables any 3D TV to access content via LG's 3D Zone app. The BH9420PW is expected to be available from March.

CES 2012: LG Will Unveil 3D Sound Home Theatre System

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