Are Ubislates The World's Cheapest Tablets?

DataWind releases three really low cost Ubislate tablets.


Just in time for Diwali, DataWind, known for their Aakash tablets, have released three low cost “phablets” (phone + tablet), the UbiSlate 7Cx, UbiSlate 3G7, and UbiSlate 9Ci — all under Rs 7,000.

All the tablets have a capable-enough A8 or A9 CPU (around 1 GHz) with meagre 512 MB RAM (forget multitasking on these) and come with Android 4.0.4. You can forget Android updates too. And even if there are, we'd recommend staying away from them, especially with such low RAM and Android's bad habit of slowing down further in time.

"Despite the recent drop in value of the Indian Rupee, we are committed to bringing affordability in computing and internet access to India’s masses. With this commitment, we’ve held strong and not increased pricing of our products, and instead, now are introducing new products with breakthrough pricing", said Suneet Singh Tuli, President & CEO of DataWind Ltd.

DataWind promises that all new models are in-stock and available for immediate delivery by ordering on DataWind’s website. Products will be shipped within 24 hours of order and delivered by courier companies within 3 to 5 days, is what they say.

Here are the specifications:-

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