MS Office Comes To Android As Web Apps

Now you can edit MS Office documents in the Chrome browser on your smartphone.


Microsoft has updated its Office Web Apps which now brings with it the ability to be used on Android devices via the Chrome browser, according to an official blog post. The cloud-based Office Web Apps have already been available for devices running Windows 8 and iPads, but it is for the first time that they can now be used on Android tablets and mobile phones. In addition to creating and editing documents, the apps also allow users to co-edit in real time, thus enabling effective collaboration. Users can see who else is editing the document that he/she has opened and will also see the editing in progress.

As of now, only the PowerPoint Web App has been opened up with this feature. However, Microsoft will also bring the rest of the Office apps to Android in the coming months. Microsoft says the updates are meant to make improvements to "user experience, social and collaboration, and broad cross platform browser support". While rival Microsoft has now entered Google's turf, it would be interesting to see if Android users switch away from the native Google Drive app already available to them ('Drive' is the mobile app successor to Google Docs) for productivity and document editing on smartphones and tablets.

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