Xolo "Mission X" Fastest Smartphone Unveils Tomorrow, Same Day As Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch

On March 14th, two devices will be revealed to the world - one of them is from an Indian company (Lava). What's the mystery about?


With a "Mission X" countdown being put on its official website, Indian smartphone maker Xolo is all set to reveal what it claims to be the "fastest" smartphone ever, at an event in Goa on 14th March. A few hours later on the same day in New York, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to be shown off as Samsung's next flagship smartphone, after months of hype.

Lava's Xolo brand got an initial boost from their Intel-based smartphones running Android. Thus the "Mission X" willy-nilly reminds us of Xolo's X900 and X500 smartphones, based on Intel Atom x86 processors. Expectations were high, about the freshly launched Intel CloverTrail+ processor being present in Xolo's "Mission X" device. Some reports though, stated this won't be an x86-based Android phone, so we're waiting to find out - only 22 hours left, at the time of writing.

TechTree will cover the new Xolo launch at Goa tomorrow with the details, do remember to check back.

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