Gates, Zuckerberg, Encourage Students To Learn Coding In Video

Implying popular interest, the YouTube clip has gone viral with over 6 million hits in just two days.


In a bid to encourage students to learn programming and become coders, a host of celebrities from the tech and non-tech world have posted a video on behalf of, a non-profit organization that promotes this vocation. The YouTube clip features Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Gabe (Valve Software), (entertainer from Black Eyed Peas and now taking coding classes), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), and Chris Bosh (NBA star who coded during his college days) to seriously explore this career path, that was once considered highly lucrative during the dot-com boom that reached its peak near the year 2000.

The inspiring video that was published on YouTube on 26th February has the celebrities narrate how they started coding in a small way and they reached the heights where they are at today via coding. And it seems to be working because the YouTube clip has gone viral with over 6 million views so far and climbing. The video is primarily targeting US schools of which 90% have stopped teaching coding.

The same logic would have been applicable to schools in India too as coding is rarely taught in our schools and this video should therefore exude just as much appeal over here as well. However, despite this fact, a huge proportion of coders in the US are from India as there are outlets other than schools where students get to learn coding in our country. Therefore, while the video does target US schools, it may also make its point in India, helping to motivate those who wouldn't have thought of a career in coding.

Check out the video:

If the above video interested you, you might want to take a look at the longer version (with a lot less number of views) over here:

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