MWC 2013: LG Demoes 4K Mobile Streaming

The streaming over Wi-Fi was done using screencast: mirroring video from a phone to the TV's screen.


While we stutter with Full HD wireless streaming, LG has demoed Ultra HD (4K) streaming from its mobile phone to TV at the MWC 2013 according to the company.

For the uninitiated, Ultra HD or Ultra High Definition is the official name for what is known as 4K video standard, which has pixel dimensions of 3840x2160, essentially 2160p, and also 8K with 7680x4320, or 4320p. In this case, the LG smartphone with Android was displaying a demo at 1080p, which was upscaled to 4K and streamed to one of its 4K-capable TV as the company website mentions.

The streaming over Wi-Fi was being done using Miracast peer-to-peer wireless screencast standard that mirrors video from the phone to the TV's screen. The report mentions that the video streaming appeared to be generally smooth, although frame drops were noticeable while panning. The mobile phone and the TV model used for the demo are not known. The technology is in the nascent stages, but does hold promise in the near future.

In related news today, LG has bought the webOS from HP, for its TVs.

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