Anonymous Falls Prey To a Hack On Twitter!

Rival group named Rustle League responsible for the attack.


For a hacking group that keeps the internet on its toes, this has to not only be embarrassing but also quite a serious jolt. BBC reports that hacktivists Anonymous are the latest victim of a Twitter hack.

The relatively-unknown group Rustle League staked claim to the hack job that affected Anonymous'@Anon_Central account that has around 160,000 followers.

Twitter seems to be in the eye of the storm as far as security breaches are concerned. After data leaks from partner websites, and hacks on accounts of popular brands such as Burger King on the microblogging platform, experts warn users to be careful picking out passwords.

The BBC report quotes Graham Cluley, senior consultant at security firm Sophos: "The reason Anonymous fell victim is probably human weakness. Chances are that they followed poor password practices, like using the same password in multiple places or choosing a password that was easy to crack. Everyone should learn better password security from incidents like this - if it can happen to an account run by Anonymous supporters, it could happen to you".

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