Wrist-Watch Styled Tracking Device Will Help Curb Sexual Crimes Against Women, Says Kapil Sibal

Prototype of the device which can send text message, track location, and record 30-minute clips expected to be ready by mid-2013.


What is the best way to curb the menace of sexual assault on women in India? Leave aside means that really matter - like societal change, which require monumental effort. Quick fixes (often having little impact) have been many. For instance, tech-savvy app makers took the location tracking route, and the government too went with the populist vote as it unveiled plan to come up with a wrist-watch that doubles up as a GPS tracker that sends out alerts.

Kapil Sibal, Information Technology minister announced that the government is actively planning a wrist-watch-styled device that will aid in reducing crimes against women. He added that the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, which is a part of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, is said to be working on developing such a gadget. This device strapped on your wrist can send out text-based SOS message to the nearest police station along with a few pre-coded numbers. The device will also feature a GPS chip to relay location bound details. That's not all; the device can also shoot a video for as long as 30 minutes. How this data will be relayed though, is a big mystery. Of course, no one talks about how easily an assaulter can take ths device off the victim before, say, kidnapping her to another location. Also, instead of punching, and yelling for help, you'll need to develop the habit of staring into your wrist-watch for backup support (a la Power Rangers?). May be they'll add that to self-defence courses that seem to be a rage these days.

A prototype is expected by mid-year after which the fishing expedition will start to hunt down manufacturers that will supposedly bring this gadget out in the market. Initial talks point at telecom equipment maker ITI Ltd taking over the production aspect. Sibal added that a $20 (approx Rs 1100) version as well as a $50 (approx Rs 2700) model will be up for retail.

If you want a similar device right now and price is not a constraint, there is little reason to wait: You can opt for Burg mobile phone watches that cost anywhere between Rs 9000 and 24K, or even the Android-based Sony SmartWatch with a decent (if any) location tracking app.

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