Google Celebrates India's Republic Day 2013 With A Doodle

This is the third such commemorative logo for the occasion.


Today, India celebrates its 64th year as a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic. As preparations for the main parade at the New Delhi, at the Rajpath before the President of India was getting its final touches, Google has decided to do its bit. The third art of its kind, Google has put up a doodle to celebrate the occasion. The art features the "national animal" (tiger) and the "national flower" (lotus) of India, with the India Gate in the background, and the Google logo within the tiger's stripes.

In 2010 the doodle depicted fighter plane stunts, emitting colours of the national flag. But the most impressive doodle appeared last year, with decorated elephants parading National Bravery Award winning kids. The striped tiger though looks bewildered and lost: dare we say, much like the country itself?

Google Celebrates India's 63rd Republic Day With A Doodle

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