With Gold-Encased Xperia P, Sony Mobile Seems Headed On The VERTU Path

Metallic unibody replaced with 24-carat gold on 15 handsets, but is it really worth the effort?


Phones featuring precious metals are toys for the rich, adding a new dimension to their bragging rights. There are several limited-edition, gold-plated, diamond-encrusted handsets making the rounds. Even Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia owned a luxury phone-making unit, VERTU, which it recently offloaded to EQT VI. And despite recessions and floundering economies — not to mention the fact that many of them are "dumbphones" — such handsets are very much in demand. In fact, Sony Mobile has entered the über-rich smartphone arena with its humble Xperia P as a base. Nothing extraordinary has been done to the spec sheet; the only visible change is that the metallic body is made of 24-carat gold. There's an "Xperia Treasure Hunt" on Facebook — you could end up winning one of the 15 gold-plated Xperia P handsets that have been made. The price hasn't been revealed yet.

If you find yourself on the other end of the wealth spectrum — not being able to afford an expensive or feature-packed handset — there are plenty of options that let you not only show off, but also fuel the demonstration effect.

Do you know anyone who would splurge on a mid-range smartphone for its shimmering gold body? Which blinged-up handset would you want to own if you had the money?

With Gold-Plated Xperia P, Sony Mobile Seems Headed On The VERTU Path

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