Google Maps Lets You Locate Your Polling Station In Himachal Pradesh

Ahead of the 4th November polls, the EC turns to the internet to ensure good voter turnout.


To get more people to vote in the upcoming elections in Himachal Pradesh, the Election Commission (EC) will use the internet to guide people to their nearest polling stations. According to an IANS report, the EC's website will give 45.9 lakh eligible voters a list of polling stations based on the address they enter through Google Maps. In addition, the site will give you details about how to reach the area, the election officials, number of voters, and electoral rolls. The information should be accessible by next week. For the EC, this kind of use of the internet is a first.

Earlier, the polling information was available only on manual maps. "We had to rely on manual maps to identify the route of a particular polling station but now the information is available online. It's for everyone to use", officer on special duty (elections) Neeraj Sharma said.

Himachal Pradesh will vote for a new 68-member assembly 4th November, and the votes will be counted 20th December. Do you think the new system will help increase voter turnout? Let us know in the comments.

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