MSRTC Begins Phase-I Of CCTV Project At Major Bus Depots

A year on, only locations to place the cameras are being finalised; tenders yet to be floated as budgetary process is being blamed for the slow pace.


The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has officially started finalising locations to set up CCTVs at its major bus depots, a year after it had announced plans for the same. This move was prompted after several serial explosions rocked the city last year at various locations including Dadar and Pune, when it has been revealed that the terrorists travelled across long stretches via ST buses without going through any scrutiny. Last year, plans to install CCTV cameras at the state's 40 major bus depots and stands situated near sensitive locations such as religious and industrial areas had been formalised, which are considered as possible terror targets.

Requesting anonymity, an MSRTC official acknowledged, "Since the past year, there hasn't been much movement on the project, but now things are starting to take pace". The reason for this delay has been blamed upon slow budgetary process by additional DGP and chief vigilance officer of MSRTC, RR Mangaonkar. Mangaonkar also further added that tenders for project are yet to be floated. Another company official stated, "The angles/places where the cameras should be fitted, its focus and resolution will be finalised by the state transport’s traffic branch, which is also the user department of these CCTVs. Most cameras will be fitted at spots with huge influx of people, like urinals, inquiry and ticket counters and indoor restaurants".

With such a pathetic pace of implementation that has become a characteristic of the red tape bureaucracy in our country, I think that MSRTC is waiting for more terrorist attacks to take place before picking up momentum for the next phase of the project. What is your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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