LPG Transparency Portal Reveals The Story Of Late PM Who Still Uses 48 Cylinders Per Year!

Behen Mayawati, Salman Khurshid, and A Raja are also among the top gas guzzlers.


Yesterday, we carried the news about a newly-launched online LPG Transparency Portal that allows you to obtain details of cylinder transactions in your area. Using the same portal, DNA has dug out facts that place our honourable politicians on top of the list of the biggest gas guzzlers in the country.

While the government is thinking of restricting subsidised cylinders to four to six per family per year, its ministers are using more than five LPG cylinders per month. Some of them, including Mayawati, have even managed to grab two connections on the same name and address, which is considered illegal for the "common man". What's worse, our late Prime Minister, Chandra Shekhar Singh is still using 48 cylinders a year. Here's the list of notable politicians and their LPG consumption:

  • Jaipal Reddy - Cylinder count: 26
    The Petroleum Minister, who himself launched the Transparency Portal, was embarrassed by his own initiative when it was revealed at the press conference of the portal launch that his uptake far exceeded the limit of 17 cylinders per year imposed on the aam juntaa.
  • Behen Mayawati - Cylinder count: 91
    Has two connections under different names: Miss Mayawati and  Kumari Mayawati.
  • Salman Khurshid - Cylinder count: 62
    Also has two connections, in his and his wife's name. This too is against regulations, as only one connection is allowed per household.
  • Chandra Shekhar Singh - Cylinder count: 48
    Died in 2007, but is still receiving refills.
  • A Raja - Cylinder count: 47
    Although he was in jail for the better part of an year, Spectrum Raja managed to guzzle almost four dozen cylinders. Quite a feat!
  • KPS Gill - Cylinder count: 79
    This ex-supercop has turned out to be a super-consumer as well. His appetite for hunting down terrorists and holding on to lucrative administrative positions seems to be matched only by his appetite for gas subsidised by taxpayers' money.
  • Sharad Pawar - Cylinder count: 31
    Ever wondered what has happened to the excess foodgrains harvested this year? They've probably made their way to our dear Agriculture Minister's house, which might explain why he needs all those extra cylinders.

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