MTS Blocks, More Sites May Follow Suit

Operator denies blockage; access can be restored via proxy server.


Update: The website is now accessible via MTS. We tried contacting the official spokesperson for an explanation, but received no response.

MTS seems to have blocked popular torrent website While the company has denied blocking any websites, the embargo has been confirmed by us — while it was not possible to load the site normally through any browser, using a proxy server solved the issue. The Department of Telecom (DOT) had earlier ordered stoppage of access to the website, in addition to others including and Many ISPs had complied, while a few such as MTS did not. It would seem that the ISP has now decided to toe the line set by the government, which is a little strange, considering that the ban was revoked a few days later.

Websites pertaining to torrents and file-sharing have been facing a tough time of late, with governments around the world tightening rules against piracy. While the websites claim that they do nothing wrong, users who make use of their services to upload illegal data bring the legality of such sites into question. Either way, these restrictions can be easily bypassed by using a proxy server application, so check out the link provided at the beginning of this story.

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