Astronaut Uploads Stunning Pictures Of SpaceX Dragon Module To Flickr?

Compares the spacecraft to a sci-fi movie set from Hollywood.


After a successful take-off, SpaceX's Dragon became the first non-commercial spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station (ISS). The docking procedure was controlled by the ISS crew that included NASA's Donald Petit and the European Space Agency's Andre Juipers. The latter took some interesting photographs of the Dragon capsule, and was courteous enough to share them on his Flickr account.

According to Juipers, the docked module looks "Beautiful. Spacious, Modern. Blue LEDs. Feels a bit like a sci-fi filmset. Of course it is from Los Angeles". Since most of us will never experience anything like this in our lifetime, you can made do with photos on his photo stream instead:


Astronaut Uploads Stunning Pictures Of Dragon Module On Flickr

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