This Is What The Samsung Galaxy S8 Looks Like

The leaked press images come from @Evleaks.


The Galaxy S8 is turning out to be Samsung's worst kept secrets. Plenty of folks have already shared the images of the test versions they have managed to get their hands on. If that wasn't bad enough, now the prolific leakster @Evleaks with near perfect track record has posted press images of Samsung's upcoming flagship phone.

Going by the images, the S8 clearly achieves to fit a large screen in a compact body. Thanks to the curved screen, you can hardly see bezels on sides. The phone will be available in black, grey, and silver. 

In an accompanying tweet, @Evleaks also revealed the pricing bits. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely to be priced at 799 euros. The Plus variant will be pegged slightly higher at 899 euros. The South Korean company is expected to launch the phone on 29 March.

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