Nehru Planetarium Offers Online Booking Facility In Mumbai?

Exploring the universe is now easier than ever; around 130 seats out of 500 reserved for netizens.


Nehru Planetarium, built in 1977, has been in existence long before the dawn of the internet era. Even today it's popular among science and astronomy enthusiasts. Since many people come to visit the planetarium from different parts of the state, getting a ticket could be a tough job on weekends. To save us from this inconvenience, the management has started offering online booking facility.

The shows start from 12 noon, therefore, booking closes at 10 am on the day of the show. Admission fee is Rs 50 per person, and for kids up to the age of 14, it's Rs 25. In my opinion, the ticket are actually cheap, considering the immersive experience you get of being surrounded by millions of stars and heavenly bodies projected on the dome screen by the state-of-the-art, Digistar 3 system aided by eight computers.

Now, instead of watching a terrible movie on a weekend, I'd recommend you to explore the universe at Nehru Planetarium.

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