You Can Share Images And Videos Along With Status On WhatsApp

The new update is currently available only on Android beta program and resembles that of Instagram’s Stories or Snapchat’s Snap.


It looks like WhatsApp is currently testing out a new feature that actually allows you to share images with your contacts for a limited period of time, pretty much like ‘snaps’ in Snapchat and ‘stories’ in Instagram.

However, on an interesting note, this feature is being integrated into the ‘Status’ tab on WhatsApp, pretty much like how we can see in this image given below. This was published in Tech2 showcasing the hidden feature that is still under development and can be found in the latest Android Beta.

This is not the first time WhatsApp has hidden a feature in its Android beta application which can be accessed only though a phone with rooting access and Xposed module already installed.

In simple words, this new update (hidden feature) is a revamped status tab that allows users to see the latest happening from their friends. However, unlike the boring textual status update, users can now make it more interesting by adding pictures and videos.

In-fact, by looking at this picture that was posted on TechPP, we can see that, the new status bar interface seems to have been inherited from Instagram Stories. Also, users can select to which individual can the new status be shown, and it looks like, WhatsApp will now also inform whether the story is read or delivered.

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