Survey: Have You Received Calls Threatening Arrest For Unpaid Bills From A Service Provider?

Let us know and we will take up your case with the concerned operator.


Update (29-May-2012): The survey form has been closed. User complaints have been compiled and sent to respective service providers. Check this space for further updates.

Our recent story on Reliance users being threatened with arrest for unpaid bills seems to have hit a nerve, with several readers contributing personal accounts citing a similar form of harassment. Reliance went on to clarify that it hasn't obtained any arrest warrants against its customers. Therefore, the question arises: who has been threatening people with incarceration on behalf of these service providers? More importantly, how widespread is this issue? You can help us by filling up the form below, which will be open for the next two weeks. We will then follow up and investigate this issue with the concerned parties, and keep you posted on the progress.

If you know someone who has been affected by this, ask them to fill up this form. Only through collective effort can enough pressure be brought upon internet and mobile service providers, in order to make them thoroughly investigate these violations.

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